Officials: Iran Behind Drone Attack On US Base In Syria

Al Jazeera:

The drones were Iranian, and Iran appears to have facilitated their use, officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss details that have not been made public.

Officials said they believe the attacks involved as many as five drones laden with explosive charges, and that they hit both the US side of al-Tanf garrison and the side where Syrian opposition forces reside.

This is a very convenient pretext.

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More Than 500,000 Attend Arkansas State Fair, Smashing Gate Records


Fair interim general manager Anne Marie Doramus noted that nearly 46,000 people attended Sunday, pushing 2021 into the top spot in the fair’s 81-year-history.

Doramus credits this year’s success to great weather, a new marketing plan and the people’s want to get back to normalcy after dealing with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

“When you have weather like we did, paired with people wanting to get out and back to a sense of normalcy after a long pandemic, it was a great recipe for success,” she said. “Arkansans enjoy the tradition of the State Fair, and a new marketing campaign heled us reach and attract our record numbers.”

Trolley To Terror! History Gives Way To Mystery For One Night Only

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

Riding the streetcar means a 1-mile journey “from the Bass Reeves statue to the Fort Smith Museum of History and the Fort Smith Historic Site,” Martin says, “then to the Trolley Museum. The track then follows along the National Cemetery wall and passes in front of the National Cemetery. It then crosses Wheeler Avenue to The Bakery entertainment district and follows Seventh Street to the 1937 Sebastian County Courthouse and the Wyndham hotel on Rogers Avenue.”

From 5 to 8 p.m. Oct. 30, however, goblins, ghosts, witches and monsters will be on the ground at the Fort Smith Trolley Museum, as the museum’s volunteers join forces with the Pay It Forward Fort Smith food pantry for the second year of the Fright Night Fling.

“The event has many vendors passing out candy, there is a haunted tent, and many characters [will be] dressed in costume,” Martin says. “It is all free to those who attend. All ages enjoy this event.”

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Pakistan Rejects Reports Of Agreement With U.S. To Conduct Air Operations In Afghanistan

The Hindu:

Pakistan on Saturday rejected reports about an agreement with the United States on the use of its airspace for intelligence operations in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

The Foreign Office (FO) issued a statement in response to media queries regarding the news report alluding to formalisation of an agreement between the two countries to conduct military and intelligence operations against Afghanistan.

Russian, Chinese Warships Hold First Joint Patrols In The Pacific


Russian and Chinese warships held their first joint patrols in the western Pacific Ocean over the past week, Russia’s defence ministry said on Saturday, a move Japan said it was monitoring.

Moscow and Beijing, which staged naval cooperation drills in the Sea of Japan earlier in October, have cultivated closer military and diplomatic ties in recent years at a time when their relations with the West have soured.

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‘There Could Be Still Hundreds Of Americans’ In Afghanistan, Former U.S. Envoy Says


The precise number, however, appears to be unclear. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said there are “under 200 and likely closer to 100” Americans in Afghanistan in Aug. 30 remarks, but CNN reported just two days ago that close to 200 Americans are still seeking to leave the country.

Khalilzad wrote in his Oct. 18 resignation letter that he decided to step down because “we are entering a new phase in our Afghanistan policy.” He reiterated that reasoning to CBS News.

“I was asked by the former president to negotiate our withdrawal from Afghanistan and get commitments from the Taliban. … That has been achieved. We are out. Our longest war is over,” said Khalilzad, who was tapped in 2018 by then-President Donald Trump to negotiate the withdrawal.

Chinese State Media Calls Biden Admin ‘Most Incapable’ In U.S. History Amid Taiwan Tension


The Global Times, which is published by the ruling Chinese Communist Party, wrote a scathing editorial criticizing the U.S. and the Biden administration’s approach to foreign policy.

“The current U.S. government is the most incapable and degenerate in the country’s history. The U.S.’ national strength has greatly lost its relative advantage, so the cards of trade and human rights Washington plays to counter China have almost no effect at all,” the English-language publication wrote.

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NIH Admits US Funded Gain-Of-Function In Wuhan — Despite Fauci’s Denials

New York Post:

Gain-of-function research refers to viruses being taken from animals before they are genetically altered in a lab to make them more transmissible to humans.

The admission from the NIH official directly contradicts Fauci’s testimony to Congress in May and July, when he denied the US had funded gain-of-function projects in Wuhan.

Fauci has repeatedly clashed with Republican senators, including Rand Paul of Kentucky, who have accused him of lying about the gain-of-function research.

Paul erupted on Twitter following the emergence of the NIH letter, saying: “’I told you so’ doesn’t even begin to cover it here.””

The plot thickens.